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Firewall Security

Dedicated Server Firewall Security

If you have a dedicated server, you want the robust security of a Juniper SSG series firewall. Optimised for our dedicated server range, this firewall is deployed tailored to your needs in a dedicated environment, just like your dedicated server.

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Cloud Firewall Security

If you are hosting on one of our VMware based cloud servers, you want all the scalability the virtual world can offer. The Juniper vSRX firewall is the firewall product optimised for our VMware cloud environment while still ensuring dedicated security.

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Benefits of both Indigo Firewall products
High performance Protects against internal and external attacks, now and into the future
Integrated anti-virus Stops viruses, spyware, adware and other malware#
Integrated anti-spam Blocks unwanted email from known spammers and phishers#
Integrated web filtering Controls/blocks access to malicious web sites.
Integrated IPS (Deep Inspection) Prevents application-level attacks from flooding the network#
Expert management Our certified experts will set up and configure your firewall hardware to your individual business requirements. Our team remains on hand to resolve problems or replace any equipment when required.
Compliance If your business handles private or sensitive customer information and payment data, you will most likely need to show compliance with certain data security regulations. Some Juniper SSG series firewall software comes certified for use in these enviornments. Contact us for more information.
Technical Information Overview
Deployment Indigo firewalls are dedicated to the customer and are not sharing firewall hardware at any point. This includes segregation of the trust side of the firewall
Firewall modes Indigo firewalls are deployed in L2 transparent mode by default allowing public IP addresses to sit on servers directly. Upon request the firewalls can be deployed into NAT or routed* modes
Access As the firewalls are deployed per customer, customers are able to configure management to their needs and desires. By default HTTP, HTTPS and SSH management are all enabled with full administrative rights available. Other management options include Telnet and SNMP.

Please note:
Items noted with a "#" require an additional addon to allow a more flexible firewall deployment.
Items noted with a "*" may incur additional charges depending on requirements

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